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From: Lisa Seeman <seeman@netvision.net.il>
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 01:21:20 -0700
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I should probably provide some background.

To provide enough vowels for automatic and phonetically vocalization, is not
so daunting,  one or two vowels per word (as in English)
However there are an awful lot of dots that need to be put around letters if
one is being correct and complete. This is what Esther was talking about.
Let me give you an example, A newspaper intended for low readers will use
partial vowels. It implies that you can read it phonetically, with as much
care in pronunciation as there is when the average person speaks but it is
not "correct". One can not detect the grammatical history of the word.
(Sometimes a normal newspaper will contain occasional vowels on long and
hard to pronounce words.  For example a word of six letters may have one
vowel specified.)
A Bible would have correct vowelation (about double the newspaper) including
vowels that add a slight change to the letter that most Peaple are not aware
of. They also have additional cantasion marks (how to stress or sing words)

To be honest it had not occurred to me that anyone would be providing more
vowels then necessary for  accessibility purposes. But Esther raises a
important point - full vowels are a lot harder.

 I have heard Peaple complaining that most times people put in vowels (even
on official notice)  they do so incorrectly. However the people complaining
tend to have doctorates in Semitic languages.

Hence the the idea of making partial vowels standard for accessibility
purposes, and having a header so that vowels  are not rendered the unless
asked by the user or user against, would allow author to add less vowels but
not offend their more educated audiences.

Anyway I hope that I have provided enough information now for us to proceed
with the checkpoint.
Jason or Gregg, if you feel more information is necessary - let me know

All the best,
Lisa Seeman

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