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W3C Weekly News - 4 February 2002

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                            W3C Weekly News

                     29 January - 4 February 2002

QA Framework First Public Working Drafts Published

  4 February 2002: The QA Working Group has released the first public
  Working Draft of the "QA Framework: Introduction." This draft
  introduces the goals and structure of the overall W3C Quality
  Assurance (QA) framework and includes a first version of the "Process
  & Operational Guidelines" for promoting and facilitating the quality
  practices of W3C Working Groups. Comments are welcome. Visit the QA
  Working Group home page.


W3C Team Presentations in February

  1 February 2002: Representing the W3C Team at PAGE2002 in Tokyo,
  Japan: on 7 February, Norio Touyama gives an "Introduction to W3C
  Activities" and Max Froumentin speaks on "Web-based publishing using
  XSL," and on 8 February Martin J. Dürst speaks on "Metadata and the
  Semantic Web" (in Japanese). Charles McCathieNevile gives a series of
  talks in Finland including a two-day workshop at Mlab/UIAH in
  Helsinki on 5-6 February. On 12-14 February, Thierry Michel and
  Vincent Hardy give SVG and SMIL demos at the W3C booth at IMAGINA.02
  held at the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco. On 25 February, Ivan Herman
  presents a tutorial "2D Web Graphics: SVG" at the Web3D 2002
  Symposium in Tempe, Arizona, USA.


XHTML+SMIL Profile Published

  31 January 2002: The SYMM Working Group has published "XHTML+SMIL
  Profile" as a W3C Note integrating a subset of the SMIL 2.0
  specification with XHTML. The profile includes modules for animation,
  content control, media objects, timing and synchronization, time
  manipulations, and transition effects. Read about the W3C
  Synchronized Multimedia Activity.


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