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auction sites (related to checkpoint 2.4)

From: Wendy A Chisholm <wendy@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 19:06:01 -0500
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Real-time auctions sites came up in today's discussion about checkpoint 2.4.  I did some minimal research. 

What I've found:
- Some auction sites are not necessarily "real time" because of the possible lag it might take to place a bid (due to traffic or other processing lags).

- Those that are real-time require that all parties are connected in some way.  

- At least some on-line auction places are keeping the auction open until there are no more bids to overcome the issue of people waiting until the last minute to bid in an effort to clinch the auction. e.g. [1]

Has anyone used a real-time auction interface where you were connected to the other people placing bids?  How many steps are required to make a bid?  Does anyone have a personal story about using an auction site when you were unable to accomplish a bid in the time permitted?


[1] https://search.sothebys.com/auction/jsp/placeBid.jsp?LOT_ID=3GP9P

If a bid is placed within the last five minutes before a lot closes, the auction clock will be reset to 10 minutes remaining, to ensure that all bidders can complete their bidding. The clock will continue to be reset to 10 minutes remaining as long as bids continue to be placed within the last five minutes of an auction. The lot will only close after the final five minutes have elapsed with no bidding activity.

Note that the bid information shown on your screen reflects the status of the bidding at the time you last loaded the page. It is important to use the "refresh" or "reload" feature on your browser in order to follow the current bidding on a lot. This is especially important in the last minutes of an auction to ensure that you are viewing the most up-to-date information.

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