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Request to Join WAI Web Content Guidelines Working Group

From: Slaydon, Eugenia <ESlaydon@beacontec.com>
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 16:43:59 -0500
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To whom it may concern,
I would like to join the working group. Below is the information requested:
Given Name: Eugenia
Family Name: Slaydon
Email Address: eslaydon@beacontec.com <mailto:eslaydon@beacontec.com> 
Office Telephone Number: 336-931-1295 ext 225
Employer: Beacon Technologies, Inc.
Indicate whether your organization is a W3C Member:
My company is not a W3C member.
Area of interest: (Non W3C members please state area of expertise)
[X] develop Web content on a regular basis,
[ ] work with people with disabilities who use the Web,
[ ] have a disability and regularly use the Web,
[X] instruct people on developing Web content,
[X]or have general usability, development, or accessibility knowledge
[X] I have read the WC Guidelines Working Group Charter and agree to the
participation criteria therein (please indicate the revision date of the
charter, e.g.,
I agree to the participation criteria (4 hours minimum per week, providing
deliverables in a timely fashion, phone meetings. - my only concern is face
to face meetings. I live in NC and I'm not sure where these meetings are
held. If there is alot of travel involved I may not be able to afford it.
I'm also unsure of the time frame involved. The charter mentions that it is
18 months thru May 2002. Would I be able to join now or need to wait until
the next 18 months?) Charter dated 2000/11/27. 
Intellectual Property Rights (check one):
[X] To the best of my knowledge, I believe my organization does not have any
IPR claims regarding guidelines for the accessibility of Web content.
[ ] To the best of my knowledge, I believe my organization has the following
IPR claims regarding guidelines for the accessibility of Web content.
(Please specify)
Additional Info:
I am the lead content developer at my company and develop content daily,
maintain standards for my team and follow W3C, WAI, and section 508
standards closely. I push accessibiltity issues  when sites are being
engineered to make them as user friendly as possible while having cutting
edge designs and graphics. I work extensively on goverment sites. www.ed.gov
<http://www.ed.gov>  and www.cbfisap.sfa.ed.gov
<http://www.cbfisap.sfa.ed.gov>  are two sites I've worked on recently. I
feel that I could contribute to this group since I work fulltime as a
developer. Currently an issue that I found while developing the FISAP site,
and worked through with various individuals in the forum, is going into the
2.0 HTML Techniques. I also feel that I can benefit from the group by
knowing what the leading issues, concerns and solutions are.
Thank you for your consideration,
Eugenia Slaydon 
Beacon Technologies, Inc. 
Lead Content Developer
336-931-1295 ext. 225 
Received on Sunday, 16 December 2001 16:42:25 UTC

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