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28 March 2001 working draft

From: Wendy A Chisholm <wendy@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 18:42:12 -0500
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To: w3c-wai-gl@w3.org
Finally, the resolutions from the March 2 F2F have been incorporated as 
well as discussion from last week.  Latest draft is at: 

I have not updated the checkpoint mapping yet. Will do that before the 

Here is the change log info for this version. I've babbled about a few open 
issues.  As I was publishing I realized a few more formatting issues and 
thought of a couple more proposals, will send tomorrow.


These edits are the result of feedback on the 25 January 2001 Public 
Working Draft and discussion at the 2 March 2001 F2F and the 22 March 2001 
telecon. Summary of comments on the 25 January 2001 public draft.
       Moved the preamble of Guideline 3 to the introduction. The preamble 
discusses that these guidelines apply only to web content that has a user 
interface and not to machine-readable only content.
       I began writing introductions to each guideline, but realized that 
these intros seemed to fit in an executive summary or an introduction. So I 
began writing an intro looking at the 4 guidelines, but quickly got mired 
in my overuse of metaphors and decided to stop. Help is appreciated.
       Moved Checkpoint 1.6 to guideline 2, it is now 2.6
       Moved checkpoint 1.7 to guideline 4, it is now 4.4. Edited slightly.
       Edited checkpoint 2.1 it is now 2 checkpoints.
       Kynn originally suggested, "Provide a variety of navigation 
       At the 22 March 2001 call, we agreed on, "Provide more than one 
path or mechanism to find content."
       At CSUN, KB, CMN, and WC talked about this. The point was made that 
some places may only need one path to get to content, if the site is small 
enough or simple enough. Therefore, I looked through Jakob Nielsen's 
"Designing Web Usability" and found the idea of "user-controlled 
navigation" on pg 214. I thought about using "Support user-controlled 
interaction (including navigation)." But am concerned that this is still 
too vague or too jargony. Also, checkpoints 2.3 and 2.4 seem to fold into 
this which either means it a good basic principle or it is too general. It 
basically restates the theme of this whole guideline. Therefore I went with 
what we decided at the meeting on 22 March.
       Replace checkpoint 2.2 with the 2nd part of checkpoint 2.1. In 
other words, deleted checkpoint 2.2. The new checkpoint 2.2 is the second 
part of the old checkpoint 2.1.
       replaced the phrase "interaction behavior" with "responses to user 
       found an interesting resource: Sample Chapter 5: Interface and 
Interaction Design that talks about interaction as a conversation and 
therefore that rules of politeness apply.
       Edited checkpoint 2.3.
       Moved checkpoint 2.5 as a technique of 2.1.
       Added lots of material to introduction. Began explaining the 4 
principles of the 4 guidelines here rather than before each guideline.
       Added a catch phrase to each guideline (presentation, interaction, 
comprehension, technology considerations).

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