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Re: General Rule - Do not forbid - only guide except for safety

From: Anne Pemberton <apembert@erols.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 20:08:50 -0500
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To: <gv@trace.wisc.edu>, "w3c-waI-gl@w3. org (E-mail)" <w3c-waI-gl@w3.org>

	You make an excellent point!

	As soon as you "forbid" something, you find out that some disabled group
at an opposite end of some spectrum "needs" what you've forbidden ... we
need to explain the consequences, and let the author decide what is most
appropriate for his/her site.


At 08:38 PM 3/24/01 -0600, Gregg Vanderheiden wrote:
> I am not sure this will hold but
>As a general rule....
>I think we should try to design guidelines that do not forbid anything - but
>rather tell people how to do things so that they will be accessible.
>When the next version comes out next week - we should look through it to see
>how it looks in this regard.
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Anne Pemberton

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