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RE: imagemaps

From: Bailey, Bruce <Bruce_Bailey@ed.gov>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 16:44:28 -0500
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Cc: "'jim@jimthatcher.com'" <jim@jimthatcher.com>
"Use client-side image maps" is _SO_ much simpler than the sum of (1.2 plus
9.1).  Would sites like metrokc.gov be that inconvenienced if asked to meet
this requirement?  Things have evolved a good bit, are not past the point
where we should be making provisions for antiquated technology and methods
for servers and hosts?  (I am all for supporting old technology and
backwards compatibility -- but only for the client user!)

Even allowing for deprecated equipment, can anyone think of real-life
examples where the exception provided for in 9.1 would be needed?  I can
image that a server side imagemap could have regions defined by, for
example, ellipsis's.  Does any one know of configurations where this is true
in actual practice?  And, as Jim points out, a polygon can get arbitrary
close (at least for the need of screen resolution) to an ellipsis, so why
allow the exception any way?

Are servers side imagemaps mentioned in WCAG 2.0?

-- Bruce

P.S.  How did a county in Washington State get a .gov domain?  I thought
these were reserved for the United States Federal government?  I understand
that the .state.xy.us domain is a relatively recent development, but I am
guessing that metrokc isn't that old!  Did a senator pull strings?

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> From: 	Jim Thatcher
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> Subject: 	RE: imagemaps
> Are there regions that cannot be described by a polygon? I don't think so.
> There are some pretty incredible regions at, for example,
> http://www.microsoft.com/usa/map.asp. (Mathematically, regions can be
> described with polygons). So 9.1 really says provide client-side image
> maps.
> That being said, I don't see the accessibility problem with the server
> side
> map at http://www.metrokc.gov/ (King Co., Washington) having, as it does,
> text links at the bottom. That organization even provides a kind of skip
> navigation technique.
> Jim
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