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Re: demo of grouping with divs and accesskey

From: Gregory J. Rosmaita <unagi69@concentric.net>
Date: Thu, 04 May 2000 20:22:35 -0400
Message-Id: <>
To: Cynthia Shelly <cyns@microsoft.com>
Cc: Web Content Accessiblity Guidelines Mailing List <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
aloha, cynthia!

using JFW 3.50.37 to listen to the demo page, this is what i heard:

1) when the page loaded, JFW automatically read from the beginning of the 
first DIV (DIV tabindex="1" accesskey="d") through to the un-DiVed level 
one header "Demo", and then stopped speaking

2) using the accesskeys, i heard the following:

2A) ALT+N "Navigation Link One" "Navigation Link Two" (don't know why JFW 
didn't identify the links as links, though)

2B) ALT+A "ALT A" (keystroke echo only) -- when i routed the JAWS cursor to 
the application cursor (which was in the "ads" DIV), and issued the read 
line command, i heard
         "Navigation Link One An Ad For Something You Really Want"
issuing the INSERT+TAB command (read current item with focus, used mostly 
to speak labels associated with form controls, but which also reads the 
current hyperlink, if the point-of-regard/focus is on a hyperlink) did not 
cause anything to be spoken

2C) ALT+C: caused JFW to speak the entire content of the "content" <DIV 
tabindex="6" accesskey="C">, but again, JFW did not identify the links as 
links, as it is set to do

2D) ALT+D: caused JFW to read from the beginning of the first DIV (<DIV 
tabindex="1" accesskey="d">) through to the un-DiVed level one header 
"Demo"; it also disabled the native UA command ALT+D, which moves focus to 
the "Address" bar (but i could still query the address bar using JFW's 
INSERT+A command, which reads the content of the address bar)

3) tabbing through the page, i heard:

         Navigation Link One Tabindex Directions
         Navigation Link Two Link
         An Ad For Something You Really Want link
         link link
         another link link

subsequent pressing of the TAB key did not cycle through the tabindicies 
defined for the DIVs, but merely echoed the TAB key's label ("TAB")

4) my best experience of the page was obtained by reloading the page, 
squelching speech using the CONTROL key when the document finished 
rendering (and JFW announced "page has 5 links"), and then reviewing it 
using JFW's "ReadAll" command (INSERT+NumPad2) -- it read the page 
logically, and fully, and gave me a much better understanding of the page 
than any of the other methods i had yet attempted...

5) using JFW's Virtual Cursor, i was able to navigate the document in the 
following chunks:


CONTROL+NumPad5 read first level 1 header "Directions"

CONTROL+UpArrow read content of TITLE element: "Demo of Chunk Navigation"

CONTROL+DownArrow (after returning to the "Directions" header) full 
contents of first paragraph in first DIV

CONTROL+DownArrow  full contents of second paragraph in first DIV full 
contents of third paragraph in first DIV

CONTROL+DownArrow read second level one header "Demo"

CONTROL+DownArrow read ("in one breath") link Navigation Link One link 
Navigation Link Two link An Ad For Something You Really Want

CONTROL+DownArrow read content of the final DIV on the page contiguously, 
without differentiating between the level 2 header "Content" and the 
ensuing content (which isn't structurally marked up)

Note:  JFW did not announce the presence and dimensions of tables, as it is 
set to do (possibly because they occur inside and span DIVs?)

System Specs:
Gateway Solo LS2500 Laptop, with Micron PC Windows95 keyboard
         RAM: 224MB
         CPU: Pentium II, 366MHz
         OS: Windows95 (version

Video Card Details:
         type: NeoMagic MagicGraph 128XD
         software version:
         drivers: nmgc.drv, nmgcVdd.vxd,NmgcDD.dll

Display Settings:
         color palette: 256 Colors
         desktop area: 800 by 600 pixels

Sound Card: NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX Sound System
         (driver: NMA255.VXD version >

         JFW version: 3.50.37 <http://www.hj.com>

         software: Eloquence for JFW (provided with 3.5 release)
         hardware: DECTalk Express (using HJ-supplied drivers)


At 04:11 PM 5/4/00 -0700, you wrote:
>During today's conference call, we were discussing grouping sections of the
>page so they could be skipped or gone back to without having to tab through
>a lot of links.  During the conference call, I said that I couldn't get
>accesskey to work, but I was able to after we hung up.  This file allows the
>user to use accesskeys, tabs, or a combination of the two to easily navigate
>a typical 3-cell table-based page layout.
>In IE5 with Narrator, this works quite well.  The only oddness I encountered
>was that if the div had a title attribute, Narrator read the title instead
>of the contained text (or both).  I also tried this with IE5 and Jaws.  Jaws
>seemed to be trapping the tab keystrokes so IE was not getting them.  I'm
>not a very proficient Jaws user, so I'd be interested in hearing from people
>who are whether they were able to get this to work.  I'm also interested to
>hear if this works on other platforms.
>Here's the file as an attachment.
>  <<divs.html>>
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