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Re: NOTE Last look and comment before LAST CALL

From: Charles McCathieNevile <charles@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 16:21:34 -0500 (EST)
To: Peter Munro <disabled@tdbank.com>
cc: w3c-wai-gl@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.04.9902271603480.21555-100000@tux.w3.org>
My responses interspersed - look for CMN:

Peter Munro wrote:
  Issue 1
  What happened to the rating system?
  I thought we discussed the a rating system.
We did. As I recalled it, the consensus was that you could be P1
compliant, P12 compliant, or P123 compliant. Which is what the minutes
said and what the document says.
  If a site passes all priority 1 items it would have a P1 or A rating
  If a site passes all priority 1, and 2 items it would have a P2, or AA rating.
  If a site passes all priority 1, 2, and 3 items it would have P3, or AAA
  I like the A rating system because it is used universally and is instantly
  understood that AAA is best and AA is second best, and A is third best.
It might be well understood in North America, among credit rating
agencies, and among woll-classers, but I am not sure that it is universal.
To the extent that it is, I would not want to see a site which was barely
accessible (P1) able to award itself a A rating.
  If I was a site that concerned with marketing my site as being accessible I
  would want to be able to display an AAA rating or a P1 rating.  1 normal
  means first or best.  The P1, P2, P3 rating system would be confusing to
  the public.  The marketing people control the web site budget and to get
  them to put up the money to make sites accessible you have to give them the
  best bang for their buck.
  Most marketing people are only concerned with selling to the majority of
  the people, and are not concerned with selling to the disabled, just
  looking like they are accessible.
  Issue 2
  35.made color contrast a P2 rather than P1 
To the extent that this can bo controlled bu the author, it needs to be
covered in the Web Content Guidelines. Recommendations like CSS are used
precisely because they allow this to happen. 

What browsers do is outside the scope of this document, although it is
addressed by a whole working group of WAI - the User Agent Guidelines
Working Group.
  I guess I missed this last night.  The CNIB (Canadian National Institute
  for the Blind) considers contrast to be the highest priority.  From a
  discussion I just have with them, we suggest.
  That it be a priority 1 that web pages be allowed to be controled by the
  browser and images have high contrast.
  >From what I was told some java script does not allow the browser to control
  background and text and links.
  The reason for the browser to control the contrast is that different people
  have different requirements for colours.  The best colours are not always
  black and white.
  Issue 3
  Broke identify-changes into 2 checkpoints, identify-changes=p1,
  Refer to the lanuage P3 from the P1.
  A quick reference be made from the P1 to mention the P3 lanugage rules.
As a repair strategy, knowing a document is in a given language can be
crucial. For example, a document sent over the web in Russian by an
off-the-shelf server bought in France might easily be accompanied by
incorrect HTP headers saying it is in French, using charset ISO-8859-1.

Knowing it is in Russian is the only clue to try a charest which is
applicable, such as KOI8-R or ISO-8859-5. I wait to hear what i18n say -
they are the experts after all.
  Issue 4
  Organize the guide to be by topics and by Priority.
  The document would have 
  P1 items listed first
  P2 items listed second
  P3 items listed third
  In this way a web develper can learn how to make web sites accessible in
  order.  In this way it will be easy for people to learn the most important
  items first.
The checklist is organised in just this manner. In addition, the items are
grouped according to features, to further improve the useability.
  Some people may think that I am coming in at the end and making suggestions
  after much time has beeb spent on this document.  My felling is that this
  is the LAST chance to make suggestions.  It is like speak of forever hold
  your piece.
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