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Some more accessibility tools

From: Charles McCathieNevile <charles@sidar.org>
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 02:32:23 +0100
To: w3c-wai-er-ig@w3.org
Message-Id: <57D1C4FC-40B1-11D8-8183-000A958826AA@sidar.org>

None of these are listed in http://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/existingtools (the  
first two are new this year...)

Portuguese: http://www1.acessobrasil.org.br/dasilva/dasilva.html

requires registration (which I haven't done yet so haven't tested).

Spanish: Hera - http://www.sidar.org/hera

Uses a series of transformations applied through php to provide  
diagnostics - works best with Opera, although some of them also work  
with Mozilla and Safari. Upcoming work includes an english translation  
and generating EARL results.

French: http://www.acces-pour-tous.net/validateur/validateur.php

runs over the source code, putting comments in where there is a  
(potential) problem. Nice...

Franglais: WAINU: available from  
2002-2003/web_semantique/ (but this is not it's real URI - it's a  
particular version :( Hopefully it will get a real URI sometime soon...

A bit like a-prompt - Open Source (LGPL) check and repair tool, uses  
EARL, can share results through an annotea server (store its results,  
read them from other people). This is developed mostly through student  
projects - the latest one is to model error patterns, so that anyone  
can describe a new type of error. These will also be shareable via  

Torquemada, which is already listed, now has an english version:  

There are some tools listed at  

and finally there is ART from UBAccess but I don't have the URI to  
hand. It shows a number of aspects that aren't normally shown by tools.



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