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From: Jim Ley <jim@e-media.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 17:05:27 -0000
Message-ID: <02ac01c146ad$70c91f40$ca969dc3@emedia.co.uk>
To: <w3c-wai-er-ig@w3.org>

As just posted to wai-ua-gl list, I've published a tool which tests a
page for various
script elements, currently it looks at automatic redirects, automatic
windows opening, informs about content written by document.write, a first
look at using device independant event handlers with onmouseover, and
warns about the javascript: pseudo protocol.

There are a great many improvements I can already see, and will implement
when I have the time, but feel it would be useful to "get it out there"
so I can recieve feedback, and maybe even encourage some other interested
people to help out.

You can download it from http://jibbering.com/accessibility/snork.html
which also has the instructions on use, it does have quite limited
requirements, because it uses Internet Explorers parser to process the

All comments, feedback would be most welcome.  An example report can be
found at http://jibbering.com/accessibility/report.html - as I say the
actual text etc. is likely wrong, I was concentrating on testing various
techniques, of monitoring what the script is doing.

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