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RE: face to face

From: Michael Cooper <mcooper@cast.org>
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2000 10:00:18 -0500
To: <w3c-wai-er-ig@w3.org>
Hi -

If we choose Boston, CAST can host. We have a meeting space for about 20
people (or more if we sqeeze), with a projector, PC/Mac computer, etc. The
only catch is that Wednesdays it is in use, so it would have to be Mon-Tue
or Thur-Fri. CAST is 20 miles outside of Boston, though, so that may not be
as attractive to some people (we might consider renting a bus from Boston so
people can stay where the action is).

CSUN and WWW9 are the big conferences on my calendar, as far as scheduling
around or piggybacking on.

What I would like to see on the agenda, among whatever else others want, is
a half or full day of WG-style work on the ERT doc. Perhaps if we do an IG
day and a WG day, the WG day could split into a few different tracks with
different sub-WGs. I don't know if people's goals are mutually exclusive
enough to permit this but it would enable us to put more focus into each


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> Subject: face to face
> we're due for a face 2 face meeting.  we need to give 8 weeks
> notice before
> a face to face so that people can make travel plans.
> could we have suggestions by next wednesday (12 January) for:
> 1. a city.
> chicago is central, but i'm not sure who we could work with to host the
> meeting.
> Several members of the group are on the East coast, so someplace like
> Boston might be more feasible.  Again, I'm not sure who would
> host, perhaps
> MIT/W3C?
> I would love to see a meeting in Madison, but I imagine that is wishful
> thinking; there are no direct flights (Except from chicago,
> minneapolis and
> milwaukee)  and those adverse to cold may not appreciate the mounds of
> snow.  Plus, I'm not sure who could host it (my house isn't quite large
> enough).
> 2. a venue.
> 3. dates.  the earliest that we could schedule a meeting,
> assuming that we
> wrap up discussion and announce by next Thursday 13 January, is March
> 9.  note that CSUN is the week of March 20th.  We can not schedule a
> meeting immediately after CSUN because other WAI groups have beat us to
> it.  We usually don't schedule WAI meetings before CSUN because then it
> becomes a full week of meetings (csun + WAI meetings afterwards).
> The WAI team discussed possibilities last Tuesday and suggested
> April.  Charles will be in Boston in April.
> is there another conference that we could piggyback off of?
> 4. how many days do you suppose we need? one or two?
> 5. Agenda items. I assume the agenda would be (at the minimum) the
> following issues:
> 1. ERT document.
> 2. WART.
> 3. rechartering and future plans (our charters expired last July).
> --wendy
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