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Re: face to face

From: Leonard R. Kasday <kasday@acm.org>
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2000 09:54:50 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: Wendy A Chisholm <wendy@w3.org>, w3c-wai-er-ig@w3.org
Thanks, Wendy.

For venue, we can consider Phildelphia.   I believe can get the Institute 
on Disabilities/UAP to host and Temple has some spiffy meeting areas in our 
new learning center.

Philadelphia has a major Airport in town, and there's another, even bigger 
airport in Newark NJ (A much longer drive, but gives more options for other 
fares).  It isn't in the center of the US, but it's more centered with 
respect to Europe <smile>.

For length...

I'd suggest a total of two days, but arranged so that the second is optional.

The first day would an "interest group" focus with a wide range of discussins.
The second day we'd have a "working group" focus: We'd nail down specifics 
on our work items.  All would be invited but it woudn't be a requirement.


(by "host" I mean supplying meeting facilities.)

At 03:21 PM 1/6/00 -0500, Wendy A Chisholm wrote:
>we're due for a face 2 face meeting.  we need to give 8 weeks notice 
>before a face to face so that people can make travel plans.
>could we have suggestions by next wednesday (12 January) for:
>1. a city.
>chicago is central, but i'm not sure who we could work with to host the 
>Several members of the group are on the East coast, so someplace like 
>Boston might be more feasible.  Again, I'm not sure who would host, 
>perhaps MIT/W3C?
>I would love to see a meeting in Madison, but I imagine that is wishful 
>thinking; there are no direct flights (Except from chicago, minneapolis 
>and milwaukee)  and those adverse to cold may not appreciate the mounds of 
>snow.  Plus, I'm not sure who could host it (my house isn't quite large 
>2. a venue.
>3. dates.  the earliest that we could schedule a meeting, assuming that we 
>wrap up discussion and announce by next Thursday 13 January, is March 
>9.  note that CSUN is the week of March 20th.  We can not schedule a 
>meeting immediately after CSUN because other WAI groups have beat us to 
>it.  We usually don't schedule WAI meetings before CSUN because then it 
>becomes a full week of meetings (csun + WAI meetings afterwards).
>The WAI team discussed possibilities last Tuesday and suggested 
>April.  Charles will be in Boston in April.
>is there another conference that we could piggyback off of?
>4. how many days do you suppose we need? one or two?
>5. Agenda items. I assume the agenda would be (at the minimum) the 
>following issues:
>1. ERT document.
>2. WART.
>3. rechartering and future plans (our charters expired last July).
>wendy a chisholm
>world wide web consortium
>web accessibility initiative
>madison, wi usa
>tel: +1 608 663 6346

Leonard R. Kasday, Ph.D.
Institute on Disabilities/UAP, and
Department of Electrical Engineering
Temple University
423 Ritter Annex, Philadelphia, PA 19122


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