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KISSfp.ch announces *NEW* MenuPlus 1.31 Microsoft FrontPage

From: Michael Vorburger, KISSfp.ch Support <kissfp.ch@vorburger.ch>
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 02:17:30 +0200 (CEST)
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   you have received this e-mail because you have shown interest in
KISSfp.ch FrontPage Tools in the past.  If this is a misunderstanding,
see unsubscribe instructions at the end of this mail.

   We at KISSfp.ch, the creators of the successful FrontPage FTP
Add-On "KISSfp" featured on Microsoft's Office Update, have just
released the latest version of the new FrontPage Navigation Bar and
Table of Contents Components "MenuPlus".  For more information, see:


   The website www.kissfp.ch has been completely redone and now
serves the FrontPage community even better with additional Tips,
Tools & Themes, and a FrontPage Chat room!  For example, read the
article "How to promote your website" where we share with you some of
the knowledge gained from the successfull marketing KISSfp.

  Please note that if you have downloaded MenuPlus during the past
weeks, you may NOW want to download it again :  The latest version
1.31 comes with a completely new and easier installer, and many
detailed improvements!  --  Also note that the MenuPlus introductory
price is a *limited time offer* and is likely to change soon.  You can
download a MenuPlus TRIAL version for FREE.

   BTW: Do you know our product KISSfp FTP Add-On that allows to
upload FrontPage Webs to *any* host *without* MS Server Extensions?
It's next version will be released very soon;  pricing structure is
likely to change, so register your KISSfp 2.1 NOW and get a FREE
upgrade to the next release!

   I would be most obliged if you could forward this mail to some
friends of yours who are possibly interested in these products and
to those who might evince the slightest interest in the site?
Thank you very much!

   Once again, I would like to thank each and every one of you for
showing interst in our products and investing the time and effort
to visit the KISSfp.ch FrontPage Tools site:



Michael Vorburger, KISSfp
Microsoft FrontPage Tools

WEB: http://www.kissfp.ch
FAX: +1 (305) 723-6240
TEL: +1 (760) 280-6679

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