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Re: Selecting Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools- Issue 4

From: Sailesh Panchang <sailesh.panchang@deque.com>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 09:29:40 -0500
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Judy / Shadi and all,

Shadi writes:This is an example of a specific user looking for a tool for one specific organization. I am sure users on WAI-IG have a whole spectrum of recommendations according to their roles, organization, and experience. Anyway, this is really not the point here.

I am bringing up  the issue of features to look for in a tool and the e-mail  on the WAI-IG had some pointers.
Anyway here are some that I came up with. I had sent some of these to the list in October 2004.

Some features one should  look for in a tool are:
1. How many checkpoints does the tooll address?
2. What is the accuracy / reliability with which  it can identify barriers?
3. Can it spider through a site?
4. What platforms does the tool work on?
5. Does it allow  the evaluator to "customize" the   evaluation by indicating  parameters. eg. how many links constitute a group.
6. Does it seek input when it is not possible to determine if there is a accessibility problem? eg. Is this table for layout table or a data table or is color being used for conveying essential info? Based on the response the tool can identify problems (if any) programatically. Still there can be issues where huuman judgement is needed and a tool   cannot do much.
7. How good is the reporting- report formats, content and are there different types of reports to meet needs of different users like supervisors, person doing eval / remediation work, etc? 
8. How is the user interface- in terms of ease of use / navigating?
9. How accessible is the tool to PWD and users of AT?
10. How good is the documentation?

Perhaps some more can be added.


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