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Fw: Building a business case for web accessibility

From: Laux <laux@mho.net>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 18:51:57 -0600
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Subject: RE: Building a business case for web accessibility

> As a contractor for the federal government, we have been discussing how
> "metrics" are affected by section 508.  What we've found - mostly from
> experience in designing/developing the 508 Universe and training for GSA -
> is that our total costs increased 25% of the total project cost (compared
> not considering accessibility issues).
> Most of this increase was due to quality control cycles that incorporated
> new level of complexity. We tested the site for 508 compliancy using
> different AT - such as JAWS and Home Page Reader - that were identified by
> the client as representative of the audience's needs.  In the future, we
> hope this cost will decrease as we reuse templates that are considered
> compliant, use a formal quality control process for accessibility, and use
> previously identified resources to test pages.  Of course, as we
> with different designs in an effort to create new templates, this increase
> cost will need to be considered.  And as new technologies are developed,
> we'll need to consider incorporating them into the quality control
> possibly lengthening it further.
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> Subject: Building a business case for web accessibility
> Hi all,
> Please pardon this cross-posting.  I'm seeking some information and need
> cast my net as widely as possible.
> I am attempting to build a business case for web accessibility and am look
> for actual dollar costs [or percentage of total cost] of making sites
> accessible, both new and existing sites.  We all know the legal
> ramifications, but has any research been done into the actual cost to
> business?  I'd appreciate any and all leads to information.  And, as
> time is a factor here.  Thanks.
> Looking forward to hearing from you.
> Cheers,
> Glenda
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