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Re: Revised WCAG Curriculum - ready for review.

From: Chuck Letourneau <cpl@starlingweb.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 10:10:43 -0400
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To: "Robert Neff" <robneff@home.com>
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Thanks for your comments Rob... my responses are interwoven and preceded by

At 21/09/99 01:18 AM , Robert Neff wrote:
>I just did a cursory review of the slides and I do not see one that details
>how to make OBJECTS accessible, such as Macromedia (a popular methodology
>used on the Mint's web site <smile>).  As Macromedia is widely used, i think
>it would be prudent of use to provide an example.
CPL:: Macromedia is not an OBJECT.  Loosely speaking, Macromedia is an
application that can be called by and run within the HTML <OBJECT> element.
 To make the Macromedia application "accessible" you must provide
accessible equivalent content between <OBJECT> and </OBJECT>.  That content
might be a textual description of what the Macromedia presentation is
showing or doing.

CPL:: If, on the other hand you are asking for an example of how to make
the native Macromedia plugin or content created for it directly accessible,
then that is beyond the scope of both the Curriculum and even the WCAG
Guidelines.  Macromedia is not a W3C technology.  See Guideline 11 in the
WCAG [http://www.starlingweb.com/wai/wcag/gid12-0.htm] for a clear
statement of why authors should avoid non-W3C technologies if at all
possible.  [I know... I know... that is somewhat unrealistic in practice,
but it points out that you should really be directing this question to
Macromedia, and not the WAI]

>I am also inclined to show a non-animated javascript example, for example,
>dynamic HTML.  For example, mouse over, and calculations or the use of a
>radio button that is automatically selected when a you type ina cell?

CPL:: MouseOver and various other event-handlers are demonstrated in
sam57-0.htm and sam70-0.htm.  (Your browser has to support the FORM BUTTON
element for the event handlers to work... IE 4.0 and 5.0 do support
BUTTON... Netscape 4.0 doesn't... I don't know about Netscape 4.5 or other

CPL:: I am willing to add other types of dynamic examples, if you are
willing to provide them to me.  Not just suggestions please... I have lots
of suggestions.  The actual script and markup would be nice to have.

>by the way and IMHO, your efforts are GOLD!  Greatly appreciate the effort!

Thanks Rob... appreciate the comment!

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