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RE: Draft of re-organized WAI home page

From: Turner, Jeff <jturner@jhancock.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 22:31:29 -0400
Message-ID: <2799AA5F75B0D211BEB30008C7B988E701AB0590@exchange15.jhancock.com>
To: "'Robert Neff'" <robneff@home.com>, Judy Brewer <jbrewer@w3.org>
Cc: w3c-wai-eo@w3.org

Your draft is certainly an improvement over the current page, but I like
Robert's stab a little better.  It is more spread out, with smaller clusters
of links that have a logic to the way they are ordered.  I prefer the more
conversational tone as opposed to the "say it as succinctly as possible"
approach.  Hope this isn't too stylistic a contribution for this stage of
the process.
	From:	Robert Neff [SMTP:robneff@home.com]

	Judy, here are my comments for the proposed WAI web page

	A.  These nav bars (Headlines | Mission | Resources | Participation
| About
	WAI ) are not easily discernable, would use CSS to simulate the H3
Tag or
	something similar.

	B.  The techniques document does not get scanned by the eyes,
	bulleting this out as such

	May 5, 1999:
	   1.  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines become Recommendation
	   2.  WCAG Techniques becomes Note.

	Also would put Headlines over it...see the link but need to be
	for scanning

	C.  On the far right of the top gif or below in the nav area

	i would put something like "Need help making a web site accessible"
	sure of the words here

	The resources have mixed information and audiences.  How about
splitting up
	Resources to separate "training and help" and "Related Information"
	later may be a bad term.  but i want to see something like,
"Resources to
	help you make a web site accessible for everyone!"  This topic for a
lack of
	better words, POP out at me!

	Here is a stab?

	+  Resources to help you make a web site accessible for everyone!
	this would be the first item over headline>>
	     -  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG Techniques, and
	     -  Web Content Curriculum tutorial
	     -  Web Accessibility Overview,
	     -  Executive Summary for your boss or senior management -
	     -  Fact sheets: Web Content FAQ, Web Content Common Myths, WAI
	     -  Sample sites: Gallery, Tutorials
	     -  Related projects links
	     -  Accessibility of W3C Technologies

	+  Technical References and Guidelines
	     -  Guidelines: Web Content, User Agent, Authoring Tools
	     -  Technical references: Web Content Techniques, HTML Access,
	Access, SMIL Access,
	           W3C Technical Reports

	+  Related Efforts
	     -  Policy links
	     -  Alternative browser links
	     -  Evaluation tool links
	     -  Translations: Completed, Coordination

	+  Easy guides: Quick Tips (ordering), , Literature Stuffer

	Press Releases  (May want to consider moving headlines under here
	putting Press Releases on the nav item
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