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ATAG2 Proposal: A.3.1.3 Keyboard Shortcuts

From: Richards, Jan <jrichards@ocad.ca>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 10:08:33 -0500
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A.3.1.3 Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts are provided.

A.3.1.3 Efficient Keyboard Access: The authoring tool user interface includes mechanisms to make keyboard access more efficient.

Ed: this make it more clear that this can include bypass links etc. as well as keyboard shortcuts (this was already explained in the intent and examples).

MS39: A.3.1.3 Does a web-based authoring tool need to add short cut keys? That seems rather unnecessary and arbitrary. The value of short cut key is contextual. This proposal is too sweeping. Remove this success criterion.

MS40: Does it meet the success criterion if only two shortcuts are provided since there is no specification? In that case, it would be hard to find any product that would fail this success criterion (file save and quit application are almost always supported)-making this criterion meaningless. Remove this success criterion.

GL23. MEDIUM: Keyboard shortcuts requirement is subjective. Re "A.3.1.3 Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts are provided. (Level AA)" How many keyboard shortcuts? For which functions? I understand the need to be general, but because it is so general it does not seem objectively measurable, despite intention stated in "Understanding Levels of Conformance".

IBM23: A.3.1.3 Keyboard shortcuts: This is an advisory, not a requirement, in WCAG 2.0 because it's just not testable in a useful way. As worded, you would technically pass this SC if you have at least two keyboard shortcuts but whether you have actually provided enough keyboard shortcuts to make something usable is highly subjective or requires extensive user testing. This will be a source of controversy with regards to compliance so it should mirror WCAG 2.0 and have this be an advisory technique for meeting A.3.1.1.

IBM24: A.3.1.3., A.3.1.5 The techniques refer to all mobile devices having keyboard shortcuts. Is that accurate? Appears to be desktop centric, and not supportive current mobile devices.

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