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FW: Readability of "Reflected web content accessibility problems"

From: Richards, Jan <jrichards@ocad.ca>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 16:40:16 -0400
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Hi all,

I like the suggested clarification.


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Subject: Readability of "Reflected web content accessibility problems"

I found this phrase "Reflected web content accessibility problems" 
difficult to understand even after reading the following paragraph. The 
explanation seems very verbose, perhaps because it contains complete 
text from the glossary entries ("an authoring tool user interface 
accessibility problem is caused directly by a web content accessibility 
problem in the content being edited").

It could be written more concisely, like this: "However, where an 
accessibility problem is caused directly by the content being edited 
(e.g., if an image in the content lacks a label), then this would not be 
considered a deficiency in the accessibility of the user interface."

Alan Chuter,
Accessibility and User Experience Department,
Technosite - Fundosa group (ONCE Foundation),
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