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Re: Changes to the current ATAG2 draft before Last Call publication

From: Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 07:45:25 -0400
Message-ID: <4C1A0AD5.9030208@utoronto.ca>
To: Alastair Campbell <acampbell@nomensa.com>
CC: WAI-AUWG List <w3c-wai-au@w3.org>
Hi Alastair,

Thanks for your message. I think your concern is handled by:

"A.3.1.1 Keyboard Access (Minimum): All functionality of the authoring 
tool is operable through a keyboard interface, except where editing web 
content properties that encode continuous input. (Level A) [Implementing 
A.3.1.1]  Note 1: This exception relates to the nature of web content, 
not the usual input technique. For example, setting the path of a 
freehand curve is exempt, while setting the endpoints of a straight line 
is not.  Note 2: This should not be interpreted as discouraging mouse 
input or other input methods in addition to the keyboard interface."

...because the ability to select and operate on text is "functionality 
of the authoring tool". And, as you suggest, the supporting material 
could clarify this, so how about this fourth example?:

Select and operate: An authoring tool provides editing functionality in 
which authors can select content in the editing view (e.g., select text) 
and then perform an operation (i.e., authoring action) on that selection 
(e.g., formatting, deletion, etc.). Keyboard access to this 
functionality is enabled by the fact that the selection can be made 
using the keyboard and that the selection is maintained while the author 
uses the keyboard to navigate the authoring tool user interface to 
arrive at the operation they want to perform.


On 17/06/2010 4:45 AM, Alastair Campbell wrote:
> Hi Jan,
>> PLEASE - could all WG members who missed the call also give a reply
>> (positive or negative) on whether it is ok for us to continue on to
>> Last Call with these changes.
> I vote yes for going to the last call, to keep momentum going. (I sense there are narrow windows where things can move?)
> However, I am still concerned with this aspect:
>> (2) A.3.1.3 Keyboard Shortcuts will be remain UNCHANGED.
>> (Instead JR has an action to send some wording for the non-normative
>> "Implementing ATAG 2.0" doc)
> It would be possible to create a browser based CMS that conforms to this, and to A.1.1.1 (even to WCAG 2 level AA) where it was virtually impossible to manipulate text via the keyboard.
> It is quite a specific authoring tool issue where you have to be able to select text, and then move the keyboard focus somewhere else to modify the formatting or structure of the text.
> Even if it is not covered in the normative text, hopefully we can create some clear indicators in the supporting material.
> Kind regards,
> -Alastair

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