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RE: Changes to the current ATAG2 draft before Last Call publication

From: Ronksley, Andrew <Andrew.Ronksley@rnib.org.uk>
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 13:59:22 +0100
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Hi Jan.

Yes I'm happy to go to Last Call as well.


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Hi all,

On Monday's call 
we (Jeanne, Greg, Ann, Jan, Jutta) dealt with a few remaining items 
raised by Alastair and concluded by all agreeing that we could continue 
to Last Call.

PLEASE - could all WG members who missed the call also give a reply 
(positive or negative) on whether it is ok for us to continue on to Last

Call with these changes.

Here are the approved changes Jeanne is working to add to an updated

(1) "Implementing Success Criterion" is accidentally showing for A.3.1.6

Present Keyboard Commands

(2) Alistair's:
Appendix F (Comparison 1.0 to 2.0): The page it goes to is marked as
Appendix B, rather than F.

(3) B.2.3.1, B.2.3.2, B.2.3.3 have different wording of "(required in
X)" let's standardize to (as required by Success Criterion B.2.2.X)"

(1) Change to A.3.2.3 re: Moving Targets 

(1) Adding "Any":
"A.3.6.1 Save Settings: Any authoring tool display settings and control
settings are saved between authoring sessions..."

(2) Adding "Any":
"A.3.1.6 Present Keyboard Commands: Authoring tool user interface
controls can be presented with any associated keyboard commands..."

(3) Split "content (web content)" and "Web content properties". Without 
any other substantive change. Wording here:

(1) Rewording B.2.2.1, B.2.2.5, B.2.2.8:
"B.2.2.1 Check Accessibility (WCAG Level A): If the authoring tool 
provides authors with the ability to add or modify web content so that 
any WCAG 2.0 Level A Success Criteria can be violated, then 
accessibility checking for those success criteria is provided..."

(2) A.3.1.3 Keyboard Shortcuts will be remain UNCHANGED.
(Instead JR has an action to send some wording for the non-normative 
"Implementing ATAG 2.0" doc)


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