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Re: Minutes from AUWG Teleconference on Monday February 14, 2005

From: Roberto Scano - IWA/HWG <rscano@iwa-italy.org>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 11:21:36 +0100
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Sorry for late regrets. My notes about ISO follow:

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>>1. Beginning of revision of Guidelines based on reviews.

>Most of call related to bug issues 976, 1120, and 1125, which all 
>relate to

>976 relates to mapping between ISO and ATAG. ISO has 2 priorities, we 
>3. ISO removed primary, so now there is only core and secondary. If we
>remove primary, then we have the following mapping:
>L1 - core
>L3 - core and secondary

>Question is: can we just say that L2 maps to core?
>This has impact on TB working on test suite. TB will contact Roberto 
>for info on what happened to primary. JT will investigate as well.

The "problem" is that we refer only to the first section of the ISO 
TS/16701:2003 Point 7.2 (General Guidelines) that don't have a Level 2 
If we want to make an "ISO" Conformance with all the three levels, we 
need to refer to all the ISO TS/16071:

7.3 Assistive technologies
7.3.1 Use system-standard input/output (core: application)
7.3.2 Provide object labels (core: OS/application)
7.3.3 Make event notification available to assistive technologies (core: 
7.3.4 Make object attributes available to assistive technologies (core: 
7.3.5 Present user notification in a relevant manner (core: 

7.4 Keyboard-input configuration
7.4.1 General
7.4.2 Enable sequential entry of multiple keystrokes (core: OS)
7.4.3 Provide customization of delay before key acceptance (primary: OS)
7.4.4 Provide customization of same-key double-strike acceptance 
(primary: OS)


7.14 Keyboard input focus
7.14.1 Provide focus cursor (core: OS/application)
7.14.2 Provide keyboard navigation (core: OS/application)
7.14.3 Provide navigation to task-appropriate groups of controls (core: 
7.14.4 Retain input-focus location (secondary: OS/application)

(Note: not all the requirements have been posted due ISO copyright.

>Another question that has been raised elsewhere: Why are we writing a 
>that covers both software and output issues? You cannot avoid WCAG if 
>are working with web accessibility. Not so clear cut for those working 
>authoring tools. There can be numerous references. Should the developer 
>able to state up front which standards they reference? This was 
>regarded as
>a bad direction to move in. Should we somehow group UAAG and WCAG and
>Guideline 1 to permit a vendor-supplied reference to other standards?

If we refer to WCAG (and we can intend also WCAG 2.0), we don't must 
refer only to HTML. We need also to think that an authoring tool could 
be Adobe Acrobat (or PDF Maker), ecc.
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