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Re: [w3c-wai-pf] <none>- eXtensible Accessibility Guidance

From: Lisa Seeman <lisa@ubaccess.com>
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 2004 08:54:21 +0200
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do you have a WIKI to suggest we use

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  From the ATAG 2.0 document this quote is sort of like the overarching "declaration of independence" for which we have set out to craft the various guidelines/recommendations and other pronouncements:

  "Everyone should have the ability to create and access Web content."

  To this end I'm highjacking the acronym XAG (nobody's using the original "XML Accessibility Guidelines" anyway!) to mean "eXtensible Accessibility Guidance". 

  If anybody wants to join me, I think the first effort might be to make the software underpinnings that enable Lisa's http://www.webeone.org/ldweb/ site work in an interactive way, in fact in multiple interactive ways.

  To start with, each time something is preached it should be an exemplar of what it says. When the document speaks (as it does) of  "make text expandable", there must be a way to do that right there rather than just preaching it. If it says something about fonts, etc. they should be showable. In short if this document can be used to develop the techniques to be/do what it says, it can serve as the basis for numerous essays into the field of providing access.

  If it be a wiki then we can include allowance of "the ability to create" as well as the ability to "access Web content".

  The tools for doing this are fairly abundant but those of us who don't know how to make text "expand in place" or easily provide illustrations of style changes and such things need help from those for whom these are second nature - or maybe I'm over-simplifying?

  If anyone can do any part of this, even just looking it over and advising or all the way to downloading the current source and modifying any part of it and I'll put it up for others to mess with. 

  If we continue to depend on formal/WAI/process/consensed procedures this will take forever and not be sufficiently involving. So if you know how to fairly readily make it a simple stroke to turn the admonition to use a certain font into a fairly straightforward way to let the reader/would-be-contributor actually see what it is you're talking about, it would be a neat present for an old geezer who needs all the help he can get.

  At the bottom of the referenced page is one of an infinitude of possible examples of the "clear/simple" argument and if that could be made a "transform" (maybe a "de-fogging key"?) so that clicking on dense would overlay/substitute clear?

  Anybody home?


  Everyone/everything/everywhere/always connected 


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