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Re: New ATAG Workplan

From: Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 17:34:37 -0400
Message-ID: <41509E6D.7030908@utoronto.ca>
To: "List (WAI-AUWG)" <w3c-wai-au@w3.org>

> • Examine figures
> (Jan)

Done. If others have comments on what is here or what is not, let me know.


Figures that need modification:

Example 1.3.1
OK demonstration, but there may be too much text. Maybe a toggle 
mechanism could be shown.

Example 3.1.1(4)
OK demonstration, but not sure about prompt icons.

Example 3.1.1(6)
Too much is covered up + the arrows look out of place.

Example 3.1.1(7a)
This UI device (yellow floating info box) is used a lot (3.1.1(9), 
3.1.1(12), 3.1.1(13a), etc.) but may not be clearly accessible. Maybe 
the mechanism shown in Example 3.1.1(14b) be used instead.
+ spelling error (linkS)

Example 3.1.1(9)
This can probably be more compact. Why no signed translation utility?

Example 3.1.1(13b)
Not sure this needs to be an example

Example 3.1.1(14a)
Could be wider and shorter, maybe have a selector to show the other 
status items (than reading level) can be displayed. Could also show how 
user has set the reading level.

Example 3.1.1(18):
NEEDS mockup to show how this might work.

Example 3.2.1(b),(c):
Can be resized to save space.

Example 3.2.1(d):
Can be resized to save space.

Example 3.3.3
Add sequencing criteria? And progress.

Example 4.1.1
“font Styles”?

Example 4.3.1(b)
Maybe not a good idea since common system dialog boxes is often used for 
“save” “open” etc.

Example 4.3.2:
Needs an update.

Example 4.3.5:
Maybe this should be broken into several screens to show sequence.

Example 4.3.6:
This is a very weak example.



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