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Re: real time ??? live??

From: Liddy Nevile <Liddy.Nevile@motile.net>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 07:41:25 +1100
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To: W3C WAI-AU <w3c-wai-au@w3.org>
At 15:28pm -0500 2002/03/11, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:
>I am assuming that the two cases we are talking about are "live production" -
>such as webcasting an event as it happens - and synchronous collaborative
>authoring, where two or more people are engaged in working on the same
>document interactively.

In the WG meeting this am we were wondering what to call this kind of 
thing. Carlos said that 'real-time' authoring did not work very well 
for him. We tried synchronous, instantaneous, etc .. and it is still 
open, i think.

>In many cases this is the same thing we are already talking about, with a
>timing constraint of sorts. It is no good to go back afterwards and fix
>everything, but it is possible in both kinds of cases that one person is
>specifically responsible for a given type of content.
>For example, the people who provide voice commentary for TV coverage of an
>event are rarely the people who provide the real-time captioning, nor is
>their voice commentary used as radio commentary - since the needs of the
>audiences are different, there are different commentators. On
>http://www.cricinfo.com there are real-time streams of text commentary, and
>often of radio commentary as well (and sometimes even of video with
>In the case of synchronous collaborative work, it might be helpful to think
>of a meeting. Many of us in this group have been at meetings where there were
>people simultaneously providing sign language or text interpretation of
>voice, voice descriptions of images, etc.
>So I guess one of the things we need to look for is tools that support
>generating content in formats that can handle a variety of concurrent forms
>(things like SMIL and SVG spring to mind), and techniques that tools can
>apply to enable the joint or solo production of those forms concurrently.
I think that Charles' ideas here are going to be useful to explain 
what we are talking about, whatever word/s we choose.
And we are in need of techniques, so this input is helpful.
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