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Re: trivia, but it's a niggle

From: James Clark <jjc@jclark.com>
Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 14:41:54 +0700
Message-Id: <>
To: w3c-sgml-wg@w3.org
At 23:03 29/05/97 BST, Henry S. Thompson wrote:
>Have you looked carefully at RFC 1738 lately (URLs)?

>2) There's not much there about relative references, is there :-(

That's covered by RFC 1808.
>3) Unless I can't decode their semi-bnf correctly, the syntax we all
>use for file URLs is actually bogus, namely

This is effectively a relative URL that includes a scheme name. RFC 1808
mentions this case:

   Finally, some older parsers allow the scheme name to be present in a
   relative URL if it is the same as the base URL scheme.  This is
   considered to be a loophole in prior specifications of partial URLs
   [1] and should be avoided by future parsers.

>4) Is
>a valid relative URL if the base is a file?

Yes.  See RFC 1808.

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