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XML FAQ: Answers needed

From: Peter Flynn <pflynn@curia.ucc.ie>
Date: 03 May 1997 21:45:43 +0100
To: w3c-sgml-wg@w3.org
Message-id: <199705032045.VAA12342@curia.ucc.ie>
I have a few outstanding queries for the FAQ on which I would appreciate 
the advice of the group. These questions come from users' email to me
(ie the phrasing is theirs, not mine, so I am unable to clarify any
further what they are saying). My comments are in [brackets].

a. Why did you change the format of comments to add the asterisks? I
   have otherwise nearly-WF-HTML and this is annoying. 
   [Didn't this get changed back? --PF]

b. If XML does not use the RCS, but it may not include an SGML declaration,
   how are non-XML SGML tools expected to handle the files? Is there a 
   default XRCS?

c. In the XML spec section 2.4 it specifies
      [16] PCData ::=[^<&]*
   Wouldn't the better way to state this is:
      (CHAR)* -(<&)
   Its confusing as stated.

d. An exemple of an XML DTD designed for a Web application is the Channel
   Definition Format. [Didn't we decide this was invalid? --PF]

e. The SGMLDECL only calls out the . and - as LCNMCHAR and UCNMCHAR.
   The Part 1 - Snytax defines:
      [3] MiscName ::= '.' | '-' | '_' | CombiningChar | Ignorable | Extender
   Shouldn't these two agree?

f. I could find no mention of the NAMESTRT variable in the Goldfarb SGML 
   Handbook. What does this do as opposed to the LCNMSTRT and UCNMSTRT 
   variables in the SGMLDECL?

g. The statement that RCDATA, TEMP, IGNORE, or INCLUDE marked sections 
   are disallowed in the instance is incorrect. The IGNORE and INCLUDE 
   can be inferred via an entity reference. XML calls these conditional 
   marked sections. [Is this right? --PF]

h. The developers of XML should make a recommentdation to DTD developers 
   to incorporate META data type tags at the beginning of their DTDs. It
   would be of help to have a structure that would support retrieval 
   and/or document management. [Are we doing metadata at any stage? --PF]

i. How does the application know the type of an attribute? The DTD has 
   to be present. So can a WF document use attribute types? Yes, if it 
   contains an internal DTD subset, right? [Examples? --PF]

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