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Re: Are there DName encoding samples?

From: Harada <harada@prs.cs.fujitsu.co.jp>
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 14:40:21 +0900
Message-ID: <002401c1c72c$e7a197a0$b556230a@prs.cs.fujitsu.co.jp>
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 This is an report of DName encoding implementation.

 I tried implementing the encoding, and find something and report it.
For Java and MS Crypto, DNames seem to be encoded.

 For an example of Java, the DName got by the API is
<X509SubjectName>CN=HARADA\"KAZUYUKI \", OU="#Project,A+XML;&lt;Kiban&gt;",
O="FUJITSU\\limited;", L="YOKOAMA
SI", ST=KANAGAWA KEN, C=JP</X509SubjectName>
(I succeeded containing letters #x11, #x1C, #x0A by keytool.)

 Similar DName in another key store,
(I cannot creat a csr containing the letters #x11,.. for it, so I replaced
the letters to spaces.)
<X509SubjectName>CN=HARADA\"KAZUYUKI \", OU="#Project,A+XML;&lt;Kiban&gt;",

 And exporting this certificate to pfx file and importing to MS Crypto,
I get a XML Signature of
<X509SubjectName>E=harada@prs.cs.fujitsu.co.jp, C=JP, S="KANAGAWA KEN ",
L=YOKO AMA  SI, O="FUJITSU\limited;", OU="#Project,A+XML;&lt;Kiban&gt;",
CN="HARADA""KAZUYUKI """</X509SubjectName>

 Now I am thinking my signature processor SHOULD NOT escaping the letters :
",", "+", """, "\", "<", ">", ";", or beggining "#".
(It is escaped in obedience to MS or Java API.)
And my processor SHOULD escape characters of Unicode range \x00 - \x1f.

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> Gindin-san
>  Thank you very much.
>  I was led into wrong way missing a simple example.
> I know little RFC 2253, and my processor produces as:
> <X509IssuerName>CN=J. Random Nerd\,  O=Dewey\, Cheatham\, \+ Howe\,
>               L=Nowhere\, ST=AK\, C=US</X509IssuerName>
>  It's my misunderstanding.
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