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RE: Faulty DTD of Object element

From: Ed Simon <ed.simon@entrust.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 08:14:25 -0500
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Until tools understand XML Schemas, I suspect XML-structure-validation of
XML Signatures won't really be reliable.  I think the IBM XML4J parser has
an early schema handler.

Regards, Ed
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From: Gregor Karlinger [mailto:Gregor.Karlinger@iaik.at]
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2000 3:19 AM
To: Ed Simon
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Subject: Re: Faulty DTD of Object element

Ed Simon wrote:

> Strictly speaking, XML v1.0 defines "ANY" to mean "any of the elements
> defined in the DTD" whereas we would like it to mean "PDCDATA or any
> well-formed XML instance".  Hence, the DTD model is really inadequate here
> though some might consider "ANY" to be closer than "PCDATA".

Thanks for this enlightenment! Up to now I thought PCDATA would correspond 
with String, and the behaviour of a XML parser API I have in use fortified
my opinion (please see my response to Joseph's article).

Gregor Karlinger
Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communications
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