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Re: Difficulties with URI="" and IDREF

From: Gregor Karlinger <Gregor.Karlinger@iaik.at>
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2000 11:51:16 +0100
Message-ID: <3871D0A4.7052D78B@iaik.at>
To: DSig Group <w3c-ietf-xmldsig@w3.org>
John Boyer wrote:
> It would seem that without canonicalization, the interpretation of IDREF and
> of URI="" can change from application to application.
> Also, IDREF is usually used in conjunction with URI="".  

I don't think that is intended by the specification to use IDREF in conjunction 
wiht URI. Both [1], section 2.3 and [1], section 3.3.3 state to use either URI
(and an additional XPath transform) or IDREF.

Gregor Karlinger
Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communications

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