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Proposal: SPKIData for <KeyInfo>

From: Carl Ellison <cme@jf.intel.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 16:52:25 -0700
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To: w3c-ietf-xmldsig@w3.org
Cc: Carl Ellison <cme@jf.intel.com>
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I would like to propose one modification to the XML DSIG spec -- namely the 
addition of SPKIData to the KeyInfo definition:

<!ELEMENT KeyInfo ((KeyName | KeyValue | RetrievalMethod |
	X509Data | PGPData | SPKIData | MgmtData)*) >


The reason for this is to let the parser know that the (#PCDATA) is 
actually an S-expression encoded version of a public key (either raw or 
contained within a certificate).  All further information about that format 
and contents can be derived rapidly from the #PCDATA contents, so no other 
information is needed.  However, others may find it desirable to permit an 
attribute on this element to indicate the kind of encoding:

1.	"advanced" (readable) S-expressions
2.	canonical (binary), under base64 encoding
3.	some future encoding (perhaps a native XML one, if one is decided upon)

All we need right now, for our work, is the second of these, so we don't 
need any attribute to tell them apart.  We can also distinguish between (1) 
and (2) with the same parser, so that is not an issue for us.

Therefore, I would leave my proposal just as I stated in the beginning -- 
one new element option and no attributes.

 - Carl

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