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Re: locking clarifications/extensions vs BIND draft vs RFC2518bis

From: Elias Sinderson <elias@cse.ucsc.edu>
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 11:30:50 -0800
Message-ID: <401EA56A.8040202@cse.ucsc.edu>
To: w3c-dist-auth@w3.org

+1, for much the same reasons outlined in Geoff's post below.

Q: 2518 defines two levels of compliance, depending on whether locking 
is supported or not - would it make sense to try and extend this 
approach to cover all of the related specs?


Geoffrey M Clemm wrote:

>I agree with Julian, and strongly advocate approach #1
>(take locking out, keep bind out, make everything more modular, for the 
>following reasons):
>- WebDAV is already a family of specs (3253, ACL, redirect, ordering),
>each of which defines an optional feature-package beyond what is defined
>in the base spec.  It would be more consistent to handle locking
>(which is an optional feature-package) the same way.
>- Having a smaller "base WebDAV spec" I believe will make WebDAV more
>accessible to new implementors, since the base spec will be less daunting 
>size.  You don't have to read/understand the locking extensions to
>understand versioning, ACL, redirect, or ordering, but the current 
>packaging of locking in with the base protocol makes it look like you do.
>- It allows us to make more rapid progress on getting the locking
>functionality standardized (i.e. it doesn't have to wait until we've
>resolved all the other issues in 2518bis).
>Julian wrote on 01/17/2004 03:52:29 AM:
>>In an off-list mail, Jim Whitehead wrote:
>> > I'm tempted to just put BIND right into 2518bis -- worst case
>> > we recycle at
>> > Proposed, which I don't see as being a major adoption
>> > impediment anymore (we
>> > could perhaps call it WebDAV v2, to make it clear that we're making
>> > progress).
>>Well, I think that would be a radical change to our strategy...
>>Seems that opinions vary between
>>1) take locking out, keep BIND out, make everyhing more modular and
>>2) keep locking in, add BIND, publish RFC2518+BIND (staying at the 
>>"proposed level")
>>I'd definifively vote for 1).
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