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Re: Missing <status> elements from examples in the DeltaV specificati on

From: Tim Ellison <Tim_Ellison@uk.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 10:49:59 +0000
To: Peter Raymond <Peter.Raymond@merant.com>
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The examples should be updated.
There is no good reason to depart from that DTD.


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Peter Raymond <Peter.Raymond@merant.com>
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2002-01-24 09:59

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        Subject:        Missing <status> elements from examples in the DeltaV specificati       on


Section 12.9.1 of RFC2518 gives a DTD for the response element of 
<!ELEMENT response (href, ((href*, status)|(propstat+)), 
responsedescription?) > 
But in the examples in section 7.1.1 and 11.2.1 in the deltav 
we have multistatus responses with <href> elements but no <status> or 
elements.  These are invalid given the above DTD. 
So, are the examples missing <status> elements or is the DTD wrong and 
should we 
allow responses without status and assume 200 OK? 
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