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WebDAV Working Group Meeting

From: <jamsden@us.ibm.com>
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 1999 13:52:24 -0400
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WebDAV Working Group Members,

We are considering a WebDAV working group meeting sometime before the November
IETF meeting to help move the spec to Draft Standard.  There are a lot of items
to cover, perhaps too much to handle effectively in the 1-2 hour meetings
available at IETF. Hopefully this meeting would provide action items, issue
resolutions, and conclusions that we could use to hit the ground running at the
November IETF. The proposed agenda is:

1. Discuss creating a WebDAV support organization ("webdav.org")

2. Discuss the future of the WebDAV effort

With the WG closing soon, we should determine if is a need to create a new WG
(DAVEXT, say) for known extensions (access control, schemas, etc.). What work
items should be addressed by this new WG?

3. Organizing an interoperability event

4. Moving RFC 2518 to Draft Standard

5. Final review on the Advanced Collections specifications

6. Discuss/review/work on the Access Control specification

7. Review/work on DASL (DAV Searching and Locating)

8. Discussion/review/work on the Delta-V protocol

IBM is considering hosting this meeting at our Research Triangle Park facility
in RTP NC during the week of October 25. We would like some feedback to see if
there is sufficient interest, additional agenda items, and an indication of how
may working group members would be interested in attending. If there is
sufficient interest and attendance, we will petition the area directors for
permission to schedule the meeting. Thank you for you continued interest in

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