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Comments on WEBDAV-06 Draft

From: Surendra Reddy <SKREDDY@us.oracle.com>
Date: 20 Jan 98 15:26:16 -0800
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To: ejw@ics.uci.edu
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   Enclosed are some comments on WEBDAV draft:

	I have just started digging through webdav mailing archive and let me
	if I am discussing the issues that had already been discussed.

	Overall, this version of the document looks pretty good and well written. I
have some
	specific issues related to over protocol  and would appreciate some
	on this.

	(1).  	Is there any way I can get complete list of collections(top level or
exploded ) in the server name space and
		its properties? Since there is no change in GET semantics for Collections,
GET may return
		index.html or contents of this collection. How do I get only members in
the collection 
		and its properties with filters ( filtering collections not needed so on
etc.)?  This operation may not
		be required in producer point of view -- but as a consumer if I wanted to
retrive all collections
		filtering out some collections using some criteria -- we definitely need
an enhanced GET semantics
		or GETCOL operation. 

		If GET operation on collections simply returns whatever it contains or
		how does Access Control List applies to collections?

	(2).	Can we add GETCOL to supporting listing of all collections and
properties of each collection
		with an optin for scope parameters -- get list of collections from the
root or
		get list of all collections within the given collection and so on. This
facilitates to
		clients to discover  the server name space hierarchies and explore them.

	(3).	Does WebDAV protocol support maintaining source ( non-html) and html
resources? If I am using word processor to
		create documents and publish it ( both source and html), how does one get
source documents?

	(4).	Versioning
		What is the time frame for Versioning specification? 
	(5).	When it supports a resource checkout and checkin operations, do we
still need LOCK and UNLOCK
		operations? Doesn't it handled in Checkout and Checkin operations?

   Best Regards,

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