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W3C Weekly News - 5 February 2001

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                             W3C Weekly News

                   Week of 30 January - 5 February 2001

Second Public Release of SVG Test Suite

   2 February 2001: The W3C Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Working Group
   has published an enhanced and updated version of the SVG Conformance
   Test Suite. The results of testing six implementations against the
   test suite are also available. SVG is a language for describing
   two-dimensional vector, image, and text graphics in XML.


Workshop on Quality Assurance at W3C Announced

   5 February 2001: Registration is open through 28 March for the
   Workshop on Quality Assurance at W3C to be held in Washington, D.C.
   USA, on 3-4 April 2001. Participants can share their understanding of
   Web QA tools, conformance activities at W3C, and discuss a potential
   new W3C QA Activity. Position papers should be submitted to the
   Workshop Chairs by 16 March.


W3C Workshop on Web Services Announced

   2 February 2001: W3C has organized a Workshop on Web services to
   bring together the community interested in XML-based Web service
   solutions, and the standardization of Web service components. The
   workshop will be held in San Jose, California USA, on 11-12 April
   2001. Workshop registration is open until 1 April 2001; participation
   limitations and requirements are indicated on the Workshop
   description page. The deadline for W3C Member position papers that
   are to be included in the Workshop program is 12 March 2001.


XML Information Set Last Call Working Draft Published

   2 February 2001: The W3C XML Core Working Group has published a
   second Last Call Working Draft of the "XML Information Set" (Infoset).
   The Infoset defines a set of seventeen types of information items in
   XML documents. Comments should be sent to
   www-xml-infoset-comments@w3.org by 23 February. Read about the W3C
   XML Activity.


P3P Assurance Signature Profile Note Published

   2 February 2001: Joseph Reagle of the W3C Team has published "A P3P
   Assurance Signature Profile" as a W3C Note. Using the Platform for
   Privacy Preferences (P3P) as an example, the Note presents a possible
   use of the SignatureProperty element, as permitted by the
   XML-Signature Syntax and Processing specification, for exploration
   and discussion.


W3C Launches Device Independence Activity

   30 January 2001: W3C is pleased to announce the launch of the Device
   Independence Activity. Made up of three Working Groups, this Activity
   will promote single authoring for the Web for all access devices from
   desktop PCs to in-car computers, TV, digital cameras, and cellular
   phones. Visit the Device Independence home page.


CSS Mobile Profile Last Call Working Draft Published

   30 January 2001: The W3C CSS Working Group has released "CSS Mobile
   Profile 1.0" as a Last Call Working Draft. The specification defines a
   subset of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Level 2 tailored for mobile
   devices such as wireless phones. Please send your comments to
   www-style@w3.org by 1 March and read more on the CSS home page.


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