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W3C Weekly News - 7 May 2001

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                             W3C Weekly News

                          24 April - 7 May 2001

XML Schema Becomes a W3C Recommendation

   2 May 2001: The World Wide Web Consortium today released XML Schema
   as a W3C Recommendation in three parts: Part 0: Primer, Part 1:
   Structures, Part 2: Datatypes. The specification is stable and has
   been reviewed by the W3C Membership, who favors its adoption by
   academic, industry, and research communities. XML Schemas define
   shared markup vocabularies, the structure of XML documents which use
   those vocabularies, and provide hooks to associate semantics with
   them. Read the press release and testimonials.


Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Team Present at WWW10

   7 May 2001: Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director, gave the opening keynote,
   "The Web, Phase Two," at the Tenth International World Wide Web
   Conference (WWW10) in Hong Kong on 2 May. The keynote slides are
   online. W3C Team members presented over thirteen and a half hours of
   content during the conference.


W3C Australian Office Hosts W3C Day

   7 May 2001: The W3C Australian Office hosts W3C Day at Evolve 2001 in
   Sydney, Australia on 7 May. Bert Bos, Max Froumentin, Ivan Herman,
   Dean Jackson, Charles McCathieNevile, Sev Ozdowski, and Hoylen Sue
   give talks. Janet Daly chairs. Please read the press release.


W3C Team Presentations in May

   7 May 2001: Massimo Marchiori presents "Web Spies: Privacy and P3P"
   at the University of Bologna in Bologna, Italy on 10 May, and "XML
   and the Information World" at NETTAB 2001 in Genoa, Italy on 17 May.
   Chris Lilley co-chairs the Graphics track at XML Europe 2001 in
   Berlin, Germany on 24 May, and presents "A Comparison of WebCGM and
   SVG." Browse upcoming W3C Team appearances.


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