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W3C Weekly News - 23 April 2001

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                             W3C Weekly News

                     Week of 17 April - 23 April 2001

W3C Surpasses 500 Member Mark

   17 April 2001: The World Wide Web Consortium today announced that
   it has grown to over 500 member organizations, representing industry,
   research, government, and citizens groups, from 34 countries. Please
   read the roster of current Members and the press release. If your
   organization would like to join W3C, refer to the W3C Membership page.


XML Encryption Requirements Published

   20 April 2001: The XML Encryption Working Group has released the
   first Working Draft of XML Encryption Requirements. The draft
   provides XML syntax and processing requirements for encrypting
   digital content, including portions of XML documents and protocol
   messages. Read about the W3C XML Encryption Activity.


Revised XML-Signature Candidate Recommendation Published

   19 April 2001: W3C is pleased to announce the publication of a
   revised XML-Signature Syntax and Processing Candidate Recommendation.
   XML digital signatures provide integrity, message authentication, and
   signer authentication services. The specification is the work of the
   joint IETF/W3C XML Signature Working Group. Comments are welcome
   through 19 May. Read about the XML Digital Signature Activity.


W3C Israeli Office Home Page Open to the Public

   19 April 2001: The home page of the W3C Israeli Office is now open
   to the public. The Office is hosted by the Hebrew University of
   Jerusalem Institute of Computer Science and Engineering in Jerusalem,
   Israel. W3C Offices assist with promotion efforts in local languages,
   broaden W3C's geographical base, and encourage international
   participation in W3C Activities.


DOM Level 3 Content Models and Load and Save Working Draft Published

   19 April 2001: The DOM Working Group has updated the Document Object
   Model (DOM) Level 3 Content Models and Load and Save Specification
   Working Draft. Comments are invited on the public mailing list
   www-dom@w3.org. Read about the W3C DOM Activity.


Document Object Model (DOM) Requirements Updated

   19 April 2001: As part of the W3C DOM Activity, the DOM Working Group
   has updated the Document Object Model (DOM) Requirements Working
   Draft. The DOM is a platform- and language-neutral interface that
   allows programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the
   content, structure and style of documents.


Call Control Requirements Published

   17 April 2001: The Voice Browser Working Group has published a
   Working Draft of Call Control Requirements in a Voice Browser
   Framework. The draft outlines call initiation, interpreter context
   management, inter-session communication, conferencing capabilities,
   and call leg management requirements for a VoiceXML telephony
   platform. Read about the W3C Voice Browser Activity.


The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is 511 Member organizations and 66
Team members leading the Web to its full potential. W3C is an international
industry consortium jointly run by the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
(MIT LCS) in the USA, the National Institute for Research in Computer
Science and Control (INRIA) in France, and Keio University in Japan. The
W3C Web site hosts specifications, guidelines, software and tools. Public
participation is welcome. W3C supports universal access, the semantic Web,
trust, interoperability, evolvability, decentralization, and cooler
multimedia. For information about W3C please visit http://www.w3.org/
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