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RE: URNs for personal documents?

From: Weibel,Stu <weibel@oclc.org>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 14:22:09 -0500
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To: "Felix E. Klee" <felix.klee@inka.de>, <uri@w3.org>

There is nothing in any piece of technology that will guarantee
persistence.  Persistence comes from the commitment of organizations to
sustain access.

Given that, you have to attach your documents to such an organization:

A publication
An institutional repository
An organization that does this sort of thing (library, publisher, etc.)

Running your own domain name is a reasonable thing if you don't care
what happens after you get tired of maintaining your own site or die.

OCLC Research
Visiting Scholar, University of Washington Information School

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Subject: URNs for personal documents?

I'd like to assign URNs to some of my personal documents, for easy cross
referencing and for learning about the URN system.

Some questions:

* Is there are Namespace Identifier to be used for that purpose (e.g.

* How do I make sure that the Namespace Specific Strings are unique?  By
  choosing random personalized strings similar to Message IDs in emails?

* What database should I use to map URNs to actual document locations on
  my hard disk?

* Is there some recommended way to tag a text document with a URN? (I
  guess not)

Note that, of course, I could just go ahead, add tags to my documents
whose structure I made up, use a simple text based database to map these
tags to documents, and write a little script that tells me the location
of a file given a tag.  However, I'd like to know how to do it the "URN
Felix E. Klee
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