OCLC URN Consolidation Meeting

Fri, 15 Sep 1995 16:22:34 -0400

From: weibel@oclc.org
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 16:22:34 -0400
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To: uri@bunyip.com, urn@mordred.gatech.edu
Subject: OCLC URN Consolidation  Meeting

A meeting of representatives from three of the current URN proposals
(X-DNS-2, Path and URN Services) was held  Thursday and Friday (Sept.
14th and 15th) in an effort to consolidate the three schemes.
Significant progress was made toward this end, and continued progress
is expected to result in a consolidated Internet draft and working

It is hoped that this effort will lead to consolidating other proposals
as well.

Michael Shapiro, NCSA,  mshapiro@ncsa.uiuc.edu

Ron Daniel, LANL, rdaniel@lanl.gov

The OCLC URI team 

  Keith Shafer  shafer@oclc.org
  Vince Tkac    tkac@oclc.org
  Eric Miller   emiller@oclc.org
  Stu Weibel    weibel@oclc.org