Re: Minutes of the URI WG meeting of 18 July 1995

Mark Madsen (
Fri, 4 Aug 95 18:25:36 BST

From: Mark Madsen <>
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Subject: Re: Minutes of the URI WG meeting of 18 July 1995
To: (Jim Conklin) (Jim Conklin)
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 95 18:25:36 BST
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Jim replied:
> At  9:44 AM 8/4/95 +0100, Mark Madsen wrote:
> >Jim Conklin wrote:
> > ...
> >> a.  WG action on the URN syntax drafts should be moved ahead and
> >> accomplished by (1) an interim report comparing the various URN
> >> proposals (based on work already distributed to the WG) and recommending
> >             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >
> >Would somebody clarify for me whether this refers to the draft I
> >circulated to the URI list the week before the Stockholm meeting? ...
> Mark,
>   I believe that's the case, but I confess that my memory is now fuzzy.
>   With the close of the WG, this and all other continuing UR* work will now
> have to proceed in one of the new UR* WG's resulting from the UR-NG BOF.

I asked for clarification because

a. I wasn't at Stockholm, and your message quoted above is the first
I've heard about this;

b. The internet-drafts editor appears to have igored/rejected the
draft I sent in on the 13th of July.

Given all this, I propose to revise the draft I sent to the URI list
and circulate the results to the new URN list.  If you had any
comments on the last draft, please send them to me direct within the
next couple of days.

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