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RE: css and resizing

From: Faine, Mark <Mark.R.Faine@msfc.nasa.gov>
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 08:39:13 -0500
Message-Id: <1AE25919ADBED745AFFBB0F9FCEFEA640601B364@msfcmsg7.msfc.nasa.gov>
To: 'Jonas Jørgensen' <jonasj@jonasj.dk>

What I did was send a simple message, there was no spamming, I think it is
sad the attitude some people have over such a simple mistake.

I've unsubscribed from the html list, makes me wonder if the w3 knows there
are such people as you abusing there lists.

If I'm on the wrong mailing list, by all means kindly let me know this, but
there is no need to be rude. 


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From: Jonas Jørgensen [mailto:jonasj@jonasj.dk] 
Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 7:59 AM
To: Faine, Mark
Subject: Re: css and resizing

Faine, Mark wrote:
> Is there a w3 mailing list that is for actual questions on use?


> What newsgroup are you referring to?

I have no idea. Search for one. Just don't spam www-html, please. Thank you.

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