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new technique

From: Alvaro Ferreira <Alvaro.Ferreira@clarodigital.com.br>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 14:12:04 -0400 (EDT)
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Hy there,

I work as programer and web designer here in Brasil, in a Telecom company,
Called Claro Digital
I think i discovered a new kind of technique to put scrollers on a page,
very easily
i call it fake frame scroll or F.F.S
please check it and distribute if you want. Just tell that i'am the author

the technique:

Step 1 >>>

create a normal html file show.htm

> Step 2  >>>
> Create a frameset - important, one of the files doesn't exist (yes, it's
> true) for example x.htm. the other file is that from the step one, called
> show.htm
>  <<fr_show.htm>> 
Step 3  >>>

put the tag bellow where you want the scroll to appear

	<OBJECT TYPE="text/x-scriptlet" WIDTH=187 HEIGHT="288"
DATA="fr_show.htm" ALIGN="LEFT"> 


you can also give a good effect adding style to the scrollbars

that's it

wait for repply

Alvaro Ferreira
Analista Jr. Projetos e Comunicação
2001 - All we need is love

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