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Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2000 23:51:58 -0700
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 It is difficult knowing that you married a wonderful
 person, and promised them the world, and for the next
 30 years you look at balancing the budget and figuring
 out what sacrifices must be made.

 It is difficult reciting "If we get this,we cannot have that".

 It is difficult always lowering your dreams to meet
 your means.

 I will tell you what is difficult. It is real
 difficult realizing it is too late and that time
 frittered away can never be retrieved.
 It slips through our fingers one-second at a time.

 We have absolutely no freedom as a child. We rebel
 in our teen years and scream for freedom. We die
 for the right to be free. We fight vicious wars
 to have the seemingly innocent ability to choose.
 We reach adulthood and we relinquish freedom
 because we think it is too difficult.

 IT doesn't have to be difficult..

 You are the one with the life changing ability.

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 and find a new dream which you can make come true.

 Live Your Dreams,

   Mary Ramsey

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