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RE: Managing Co-reference (Was: A Semantic Elephant?)

From: Geoff Chappell <gchappell@intellidimension.com>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 14:23:09 -0400
To: "'Michael F Uschold'" <uschold@gmail.com>
Cc: "'Semantic Web Interest Group'" <semantic-web@w3.org>
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I've often wanted something short of sameAs -- some sort of qualified
equality operator, which operates on a closed set of properties. 
E.g. if sameAs means (using a sparql-ish rule notation):
    construct {?s1 ?p ?o} where {?s1 owl:sameAs ?s2. ?s2 ?p ?o}
I'd like instead:
    construct {?s1 ?p ?o} where {?s1 ?eq ?s2. 
           ?eq rdf:type ex:QualifiedEqualityProperty; ex:equalOver ?l.
           ?p rdfs:member ?l.
            ?s2 ?p ?o}
That way you could avoid the pitfalls and unintended consequences of
claiming identity, but still specify controlled equality over a set of
properties. There are obviously many possible variations on that scheme --
different ways you might specify the scope of the quality (e.g. could be
subprops of a particular scoped equality prop, or...).


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Subject: Re: Managing Co-reference (Was: A Semantic Elephant?)


*	[ ...] 

*	 hence, there may be a need for a less powerful construct than
sameAs, but I can't thin what it might be, or what its inferential
consequences should be.

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