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Need some freebase parallax or tabulator help here, save lives doing so Re: freebase parallax: user interface for browsing graphs of data

From: Dwight Hines <dwighthines@bellsouth.net>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 18:02:22 -0400
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To: "M.Daquin" <M.Daquin@open.ac.uk>

I've been following the posts a little, while downloading excel  
format data on emergency medical services across the US.   We need to  
have these data examined in forty eleven different ways and we need  
to know what peculiar combinations exist for different locations to  
keep people alive.

It seems to me that these data sets that are available for  
downloading, as long as you agree to a few restrictions to protect  
privacy and understand these data are not perfect, yet, and analyses  
of your choice.

Look, I'm including below the notice sent out today to the NEMSiS  
list, and would like to know if you decide to tackle the data with  
freebase, how are you doing it, and where you will post your  
results.  The reality now is that we need what the members of the  
list are working on applied to these data sets.   The data sets, and  
their natural relationship data sets are going to continue to grow.
Dwight Hines
St. Augustine, Florida
"Greetings from the NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center:
We are pleased to announce that the NEMSIS National Reporting System  
based upon the National EMS Data Base is available!  The web-based  
system can be found on the NEMSIS web site (www.nemsis.org) under the  
NEMSIS Reporting tab (click on “National Reports”).
We invite you to visit and use the reports and, most importantly,  
provide us feedback regarding their usefulness.  We are striving to  
provide you the best possible product and need to hear from you to  
enhance the impact of the national reports on the EMS system as a whole.
It should be noted that there are limitations to the data that are  
available.  First, these data are not “population-based” and do not  
represent conditions of the nation or any individual state submitting  
data to NEMSIS (i.e., most states currently submit a portion of all  
state EMS runs).  Second, the data are not formally “cleaned” and,  
therefore, represent the information as submitted by each state.   
Although basic cleaning is completed by the NEMSIS TAC, some data  
inconsistencies are retained to aid states with quality assessments.
We welcome you to use and become familiar with the national reports.   
As the data base grows, so will the usefulness and validity of the  
National EMS Data Base."

David J. Owens
Program Director
National EMS Information System
University of Utah - Department of Pediatrics
Intermountain Injury Control Research Center
295 Chipeta Way
PO Box 581289
Salt Lake City, Utah 84158-1289
Phone: (801) 585 1631
Fax: (801) 581-8686
The NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center exists to standardize data  
collection and develop a national registry to facilitate evaluation  
of emergency medical services.
On Aug 20, 2008, at 1:32 PM, M.Daquin wrote:

>>> The trouble is of course when the whole web is the database, it's  
>>> hard to
>>> suggest those relationships (connections) for a set of entities.  
>>> How might
>>> one solve that problem? I suppose something like Swoogle can  
>>> help. Is that
>>> what Tabulator uses to know what data is on the SW?
>>> David
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