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RDF+Transformation = XHTML or is there sth like inverse GRDDL?

From: Andreas Langegger <andreas.langegger@gmx.at>
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2007 23:32:00 +0200
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I wonder if there is something (or has been proposed sth) like a concept
to add a transformation to plain RDF resulting in an XHTML document.

The idea with GRDDL is somehow inverse - given existing documents, like
XHTML for instance, I can extract RDF data either by using existing
profiles for diverse microformats or by creating a new one (I hope I got
this right, I'm not familar with GRDDL in practice).

I think in most cases this may be prefered by website developers,
because they know (X)HTML and don't want to dive deep into RDF stuff.

However, if I wanted to seperate plain data from representation as HTML
like it's done with (X)HTML/CSS, it would also be meaningful to provide
data in plain RDF and add a template which is able to query RDF graphs
and output XML (e.g. XHTML). There could be a special RDF Schema for
HTML and a default transformation style producing standard tags which
can be formatted by CSS. The problem is that there is no template engine
at the RDF graph level - I cannot use XSLT here.

Just some thoughts where I would like to here other people's opinions. I
don't want to make things more complicate than there are already ;-)
...nor adding further languages, standards, schemas, headaches....

The best argument against such an approach is probably: data is normally
not stored in RDF (yet) and coming directly out of RDBMS or XML where
concepts/tools for (X)HTML code generation exist. Thus transformation
from RDF to HTML is not a concern and shouldn't be done just because
it's rainy today and we don't have to do something else... The opposite,
pulling RDF data out of existing encodings like (X)HTML is a concern.

What do you think?


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