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Re: Disaster management ontologies?]

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Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 06:39:48 -0400
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Thanks a lot Ivan for adding the resource to the wiki

The paper attempts to sum up more or less coherently the main issues that
have been onserving and that are buzzing in my head that seem relevant,
correlated and to have an impact on Open Source Emergency Response, which
we all hope for, one day.

I feel now its scope is very broad and some issues would have to be sliced
up for a closer

I am very tied up in the next few weeks but anyone who has comments and
suggestions and corrections is very welcome to create comments on the wiki. 

Also, I am thinking of entering a more targeted submission, max 6 pages by
20th of May, for the following conference, ISCRAM CHINA 2007,  but may beed
the help of others in this community to do so before the deadline
Anyone interested in cooking something up and co-author a submission would
be very welcome, as I may not have enough steam in the engine right now, 


ISCRAM-CHINA 2007 is a post-conference meeting to the International
Disaster Reduction Conference which will take place in Harbin from
August 21-25 2007. Further information on the IDRC Conference in Harbin
can be found at http://www.idrc.info/.

Paola Di Maio

Original Message:
From: Ivan Herman ivan@w3.org

 I have added a reference to that paper onto:


at the request of Paola:-), ie, it is available at:


ie, sending this mail to the list without the attachment.


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