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Re: Tag ontology RFC

From: Marja Koivunen <marja@annotea.org>
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 10:55:21 -0500
Message-ID: <42419169.1090804@annotea.org>
To: Richard Newman <r.newman@reading.ac.uk>
CC: Seth Russell <russell.seth@gmail.com>, semantic-web@w3.org, Danny Ayers <danny.ayers@gmail.com>

You may want to look the Ubimarks extension I'm developing for 
mozilla/firefox too:

It still needs a bit of ui etc. work but it should be usable in creating 
these hierarchies.

The schema also has some properties related to order and Jose promised 
to add them hopefully soon.


Richard Newman wrote:

> Sorry about that junk last email; I blame Mail.app for moving buttons 
> around ;)
> Marja,
>   Very interesting; it looks like the 
> <http://www.w3.org/2002/01/bookmark#> schema tries to do a very 
> similar thing to my intent. I'll have a closer look; thanks a lot.
> -R
> On Mar 23, 2005, at 14:53, Marja Koivunen wrote:
>> I'm not sure what you need exactly but maybe the Annotea topics could 
>> help here too? They are simple and users can create, publish and 
>> share them  easily. For instance, 
>> http://www.annotea.org/mozilla/testdata/tags.rdf has some tag topics 
>> that can be presented with Annotea Ubimarks e.g. in a topic hierarchy 
>> http://www.annotea.org/mozilla/tags.png.
>> Topics can also be related to other topics, so this is a way to make 
>> connections to other people's tags if so wished.
>> Marja
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